photographs by Shelley Emslie
Snake Doctor

Actual size:  5.75 x 7.5
Scale Size:  35 x 44
Thread Painting

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My granddaughter, Hattie, loves fairies and all things magical.  Because dragon flies and fairies are good friends, I decided to do this piece for her.  When I was growing up, we always called dragon flies by their southern nickname, Snake Doctors.  I have no idea where this came from, but the name can still conjure up fond memories of camping with my family and letting the snake doctors land on my arm and marveling at their beautiful iridescent coloring. This snake doctor's body was thread painted with several shades of green, brown and black cotton and metallic threads. The wings are a a nylon mother-of-pearl translucent fabric, which I adhered with Mistyfuse.™  The quilting on the wings was done with a variegated pastel thread, and the background quilting is cattails.