The Road Less Traveled

Actual size:  9 x 10
Scale Size:  54 x 60
 Embellished machine appliqué

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My daughter, Denise, is a hiker.   Every year, she and her friend, Susie, travel to several National Parks in their life's quest to hike in every park.  Many, many years ago I saw a road sign that pointed to Hither, Thither and Yon, and it just seemed appropriate to put it at the crossroads in my quilt.  The title of the quilt, of course, is from one of my favorite poems by Robert Frost.  Although the design is original, the appliqué technique used is straight  from Rose Hughes's Dream Landscapes using her fast-piece appliqué technique.  The quilt is heavily embellished with beads, cording, and yarns and quilted with metallic thread.   The camera view finder has a hand painted replica of the quilt.

photograph by Shelley Emslie