The genius for The Quilt Show began in January 2008.   While at the Road to California Show, I began to really take notice of how diverse we are as quilters.  When we are at our local shows, we see all the familiar faces from our guild and tend to see our similarities rather than our differences.  When you go to a national show, however, the experience is quite different.  Personally for me, I began to feel the difference, both in the style of quilts from around the world and in the quilters who attended.  This seemingly unimportant observation got into my brain where it treaded water for a good six months.  The idea was always in the back of my mind, but no real plan had emerged for how to express my admiration for the uniqueness of my fellow quilters.  I know when my quilts are ready to be made because I see them in my mind's eye, totally finished and way beyond my technical skills.  This quilt, for what ever reason, would not come to me as a whole, only in bits and pieces.  I knew somehow the finished piece would involve miniature quilts that were very different in both technique and style.  So I trusted my instincts and went to work in the fall of 2008 with no real design in hand.  

Then in January 2009, I went  back to the Road to California and was "white gloving" (yes, I do think that is a verb).  As I stood behind the ropes, looking across the aisle at the backs of the quilters checking out the displays, I knew that was my quilt.  There they were . . . cameras in hand, aiming carefully to capture the quilt they wanted to remember or perhaps emulate.  There they were . . . pointing excitingly to their friends, "Wow, look.  How did she do that?"  And there they were . . . arms laden with bags of goodies destined to make their next quilt the best ever.  My quilt design unfolded before me like it was meant to be.

This piece is my homage to quilters everywhere. Like our quilts, we come in all sizes, shapes, colors and categories. Some enjoy straight seams and orderly lives, while others are like crazy quilts, never knowing where the next stitch will go. We're old, we're young, we're somewhere in between . . . we are quilters and that is cause enough to celebrate.