Daiwabo Jubliee

Actual size: 16 x 19
Scale Size:  96 x 114
Machine paper pieced

Entry number: 1117

Because the squares are all uniform, yet a little different in their shading, I made this one for my mother and aunt, identical twins, who are as alike as they are not alike.   I used a variegated green daiwabo and fussy-cut the fabric so the medium value would be the same in each square with the lighter and darker values making the contrast.  The centers are all the same brown daiwabo, again fussy cut to capture the little brown flower.  Each center is surrounded by a dark brown daiwabo.  The squares are 1.25" finished and were paper pieced with a Little Bits pattern, Itty Bitty Square on Square.  After adding a border, I quilted in the ditch (and there were a lot of them) and added a few side squares to tie the the whole quilt together.

The lady on the left is taking a photo of End of the Rainbow as you can see in her view finder.  Notice the man looking at his watch, which is set for three o'clock.  The game is about to start, and he
just wants to go home and watch his big screen HD TV.

photograph by John Stalowy