photograph by Shelley Emslie

Crop Circles

Actual size:  6.5 x 7
Scale Size:  39 x 42
Hand painted whole cloth

Entry number:

On this piece, I wanted the quilting to take center stage so I was going for an intricate circular pattern.  On paper, it looked so much like crop circles that I decided to carry that theme throughout the quilt.  I used iridescent paint sticks and a stencil to create the pattern on a piece of hand dyed cotton fabric.  When I show the design to my husband, he said I HAD to put an alien in the mix.  A little tweaking to the quilt pattern and our unearthly visitor appeared like magic.  To make ET stand out a little more, I covered him with a very thin coat of green translucent paint.  He takes on a ghostly appearance, and my husband liked it so much, I gave him the bragging rights.