Aurora: Queen of the Night

Actual size:  7 x 10
Scale Size:  42 x 60
Hand painted wholecloth, fused appliqué and embellishment

Entry number:

This was the last quilt I made for the The Quilt Show.  I was tired and I just wanted it finished so it is the simplest of the all the quilts.  I hand painted the northern lights and fused green trees on the bottom third.  I did simple quilting in the sky with invisible thread and some pines tress on the ground with a contrasting green thread.  Lastly, the stars are hot fix Swarovski crystals.  All in all, a pretty quick quilt.   Of course, this one had to be for me because I am the Queen of the Night, often sewing way past the midnight hour.  Also, I love the northern lights, which we see occasionally up here in northwest Montana.  My friends all joke this gal is from Montana because of her flannel shirt and gobs of goodies in her shopping bags.  They are pretty sure she is my friend, Jan.  I'll never tell, but I will say I have never seen Jan in flannel, although I have seen her with this much fabric in her shopping bags.

photographs by Shelley Emslie